The Art of feeling good or why being happy is totally overrated


All this talk about being happy and happiness, I can’t hear all that anymore.


Honestly. It’s too much for me.


O.k. maybe just the actual use of the word 'happy' makes no sense to me. We use it so often, that we don’t even know what it means.


People think, that someone who is happy has to look like this: (pretty scary, right?)



They think that having a ridiculous smile on your face is being happy. 


O.k. here is what I think:


Being happy is completely overrated.


Feeling good is quite enough. Don't you think so?


Alright, answer me one question!


Are you feeling good right now?


Look around. Do you feel comfortable where you are? Do you feel comfortable with what you do right now?


Well, if your answer is yes, then congratulations, then I guess you’re feeling good, which means: You’re quite happy! Right now.


And this is enough, isn't it?


And now I want you to ask yourself this question all day long.


Push the reset button, every single minute of the day and ask yourself: Am I feeling good right now?


If the answer is no, then what can you do about it right now? 


Headache? Drink water.

Feeling lonely? Call a friend.

Pains in your body? Stretch or work out.

Bored? Get creative.

Burned out? Sit on the grass, get off your socks and just feel the earth underneath your feet. In other words: Relax.


You get what I mean.


Go and do something about it instead of complaining about your miserable life circumstances. Come on!


And If there is nothing you can do about your situation, well then you might be as well content with how it is and relax anyway. Unless you are purposely choosing to feel like crap.


Make your choice and feel good,


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