Don't let the sweet face fool you: I'm not an angel!


I'm definitely not an angel.


I have an anger management problem.




I get angry a lot and I don't really know where this is coming from. Probably from my childhood and from my parents and from all my past lives, where I probably went through a lot of crap.


I guess I need therapy, but at the same time I don't really believe in therapy. Not like an old fashioned person would say:


"Therapy? I don't need therapy. I'm alright. Everything is fine with me." 


No, more like:


"I don't need to tell a person about my past and throw it up a million times, because it's over. Of course I'm messed up, not more or less than anybody else, but the solution for my problem won't come if I keep reliving my past."


O.k. here are a few things which make me mad sometimes. For example:


  • the ignorance of other people
  • not feeling appreciated enough
  • fake happiness
  • people who think posession actually exists
  • people who care more for things then for people
  • people talking all the time, but never take action
  • people who complain about what is, but never wanna find a solution
  • when parents scream at their kids for no reason
  • when people role their eyes, when I talk about spiritual stuff
  • when people don't listen
  • when guys talk about girls as if they were posessions and forgetting that I'm sitting beside them
  • when people get stressed out because they can't decide in which room of their house they wanna hang their fourth tv
  • when people keep telling me they'll visit me in Toronto but of course I know that they'll never come

and so on...


And of course being mad is on my list too, so I'm actually getting angry about me getting angry, which makes no sense at all.


And although I know that it doesn't make sense, I still get mad, I still blame other people for not making me feel good, for not behaving in a particular way or for doing things which make no sense (no sense for me).


So what can I do?


Maybe I should read my own blog posts more often, like this awesome one: 4 ways how to make the present moment your friend


Maybe I can just accept that I get angry from time to time.


Maybe it helps if I write about it.


Maybe it helps, if I share this with you.


Maybe if I write it all down, that's a form of therapy.


Who knows.


We'll keep in touch,

(feeling better already)

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