Why death is one of my best buddies


A few years ago, I travelled to the Eberbach Abbey in Germany. That's just a 30 minute drive from my hometown. This is how it looks like:



Isn't that just beautiful?


At that time, there was an exhibition of how the monks lived there in the 12. Century.


Yes, you are right, I'm talking about a time 800 hundred years ago.


All the artifacts were pretty impressing, but there was one thing which really caught my attention. On a beautiful hand carved wooden desk, I saw a plastic formed out of wax. It looked incredibly realistic.


It was a dead body in a grave, almost completely eaten up by worms and bugs.


I remember this moment very well, because I thought in my head:


"This is disgusting!"


And I remember that I asked myself:


"Why would someone put something like that on his desk in a place where you could see it all the time?"


Then I read a little description underneath the plastic.


It said that the monk wanted to be reminded of his own death as often as possible, so that he would not forget to make his life meaningful - every day.


Wow. A pretty extreme way to be reminded, right?


But I guess, it works.


Death can be a good reminder that every day counts. 


Since then, death actually became a good friend of mine, not that I'm not scared of it, the thought of it can be terrifying, but instead of denying that I will die one day, it makes me move in the direction of my dreams. It tells me, that every day is precious and that I won't be here forever, at least not in this body :-)


So what do you think? Shall we make this day amazing?


How will you make it count? 


Will you work on something which makes your soul happy? Or is it just another damn day for you? 


See you next week (maybe),

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