Did you ever recognize that people start giving you a hard time as soon as you change your life and start chasing your dreams?


Uhum. That happens quite often.


It doesn't mean that all your friends and your family are assholes. Don't take it personally.


It just means that your light might shake them out of their comfort zone. That's it.


If you are surrounded by people who think "once you hit the 25, life is not meant to be fun anymore" or "your job should bring in the money, but it's not supposed to make you smile like this guy here,



(he looks like he's having tons of fun), then it might seem that following your dreams is a big struggle.


Instead of getting support, you might be confronted with a lot of resistance. 


This resistance can manifest in a lot of different ways. It could be the odd look, it could be the awkward silence after you tell someone what you are really passionate about.


It could also be the well meant advice: "But, what are you going to do after you finished your astrology studies? I mean, there might be not enough jobs in that field."...bla, bla, bla and so on.


Or the resistance can show even in not giving you the opportunity to work on your stuff. 


If you get these kind of answers, you know you're on the right path, because people are scared to death when somebody around them changes drastically. It reminds them of their own incapability to make changes and to take the risk to go for a better life.


So don't give up in this vulnerable moment. It's a turning point and if you keep going, people will see that you don't care what they think and they will start taking you more seriously.


In this challenging time really listen more to people who support your ideas (even if it's an online-friend, you've never met in person), who make you feel like a warrior of light and try to surround yourself with souls who are able to walk on clouds, too.


Keep your dreams alive!


Don't give up, I'm here with you.


See you next week!

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