Have you ever felt the bliss of creation?


I'm sure you did.


At least when we were kids, we all were full time creators at work. We built sand castles, we built houses out of blocks and blankets, we prepared meals out of grass and dirt, we painted, we cut, we drew, we danced, we crafted and we sang.


This proofs that creating something must be a profound human need and that we're all born as creators. Everybody of us.


But suddenly you're grown up and you don't have any energy to create anymore.


You come home after a long day of work and the only thing you wanna do is to turn on the TV and relax.


If you ask yourself, 'What happened? Why do I feel so sucked out of energy all the time?' here is my answer:


You simply forgot what you came here for.


Your soul wants to create, create, create, all the time, in whatever way you want to and it chose your body and your potential to create something which only you are able to do.


So don't sabotage yourself any longer with the following 4 creativity killers, which I will present to you in my short video.


Let's find out!


To summarize my video, here are the 4 creativity killers in black and white:


1. Stress        my tip: Allow yourself to do nothing!

2. Pressure    my tip: Don't take your to-do-lists too seriously!

3. TV               my tip: Watch less, create more!

4. Comfort      my tip: enjoy being out of your comfort zone!


And now shut off your computer and do something creative!


But before you do this, leave me a comment and tell me which one of the 4 things is holding you back from getting creative? And do you have any tricks to get your creativity going? I'm always up for new ideas.


Thanks for reading, 

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