This week is all about trust.


Trust in myself.

Trust in my work.

Trust that everything will be alright.

Trust in blind people to see the light.

Trust in humanity and the Universe.


And today I wanna share two stories with you about how trust works.




Story No. 1 happened this week. I had a pretty rough day.


As I walked through the streets I had so many negative thoughts about me and other people, you know, one of these days, where you are just tired of being yourself and you wanna stay under a cozy blanket without being bothered all day, these days.


After I cried waterfalls for 30 minutes straight, I was feeling better and I wanted to treat myself nicely for the rest of the day.


I walked by this fancy Italian restaurant down my street and knew, 'That's exactly what I need right now!' Italian music, good food, a glass of wine, all by myself.


I also knew that I can't really afford to eat there. Spending half my pay check for a dinner seemed to be too unreasonable. But sometimes we have to do unreasonable things and follow our heart.


So I trusted the Universe that if I will eat there, it would provide me with a new job opportunity or maybe I will win the lottery. So I took a seat and ordered fish and salad, a red wine and espresso. While I was enjoying the delicious food and the atmosphere, I got happier and happier with every bite. 


I had almost finished my plate, when I found a piece of plastic in my salad. Other people would be probably disgusted by that, but not me. Working in a restaurant for three years, I know how fast a piece of a spoon can break and could land in the food. Nobody's fault really.


I told the waiter about the piece. Five minutes later the owner of the restaurant came to my table and apologized for the mistake. He was incredibly friendly and told me, that he would pay for my entire lunch. 


Isn't that amazing? I had a fabulous three star meal and didn't have to pay a penny for it.


How could I know that the Universe would help me out this fast?


The weird thing is that I almost expected something like that. Exactly. This is trust.




The same kind of trust I felt 2011. After five years of dancing everyday, I quit all my dance jobs to go to New York for the summer. I just didn't feel like dancing anymore and I was totally fine with that.


Of course, I was a little bit afraid about my money situation, but I did not doubt my decision for one second.


Every morning I got up and walked through the city that never sleeps. I didn't look on a map, I just walked wherever I felt walking to. When I got hungry, I stopped at a cafe, had a snack, watched people and usually wrote down all my impressions of the day. 


I knew that I loved writing, but I was not sure how writing down random thoughts would help me find a job. But I kept trusting and just - you know - did my thing.


And here I am, still writing down my thoughts, starting a website, trusting that someone is listening, trusting that these lines will help people making their decisions, finding their trust, following their feelings, the same way I did.


I know you are out there. And I hope, you start trusting in yourself, too.


Trust your feelings, your body, your dreams. Trust that you can figure it out. Trust that you don't need another workshop, another book, another lesson to do it. Trust your intuition. Trust that miracles actually can happen. Money can come from any source. You simply have to do the first step.


And that's TRUSTING. 


Keep up your visions!



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