You read it in books, 

you hear it from people

and you see it in a beautiful framed Facebook quote:



We hear it all the time, but can we really sense what that means?


An average person in the western world lives 27,375 days. If you are 32, like me, it means you have 15,695 days left. If you are 50 and average, you have 9,125 days and if you are 65 you have 3,650 days left to live.


If everything works out alright, I will have 43 more springs, 43 summers, 43 autumns and 43 more winters.


OMG!!! Honestly? Only 43 summers?


That's not a high number. I really wanna make these 43 summers the best they can ever be!


My question for you is:


Is there anything in your system, which needs to come out before you die?

Do you feel that something has to be done, something that has to be said, something that you keep pushing forward and forward?


Because if you don't get it out of your system you will probably end up as an old grumpy person, who looks like this:



So please, don't wait another day! Make sure that you start it NOW. Whatever it is:


Joining a book club, training for a marathon, selling your house, telling him that you love him, getting on stage, living in Italy, getting your own domain...


...WHATEVER but please


In this way you don't have to ask yourself the following questions the day before you die:


  • Why did I never risk anything?
  • Why was I too afraid to at least try it out?
  • Why didn't I pour my whole heart into this thing?
  • Why did I think I was too old for trying out something new?
  • Why did I not take care of my most precious possession: my body?
  • Why did I spend so much time in a job, which made me sick?
  • Why was I too scared to just express myself and tell everybody about my truth?
  • Why was I too shy to go for my dreams?
  • Why did I care so much what other people were thinking about me?
  • Why did I worry so much?
  • Why didn't I love more instead?
  • Why didn't I listen more to the songs of the birds? Tomorrow I won't be able to listen to them anymore.


Don't waste your time!


If you don't like how you are spending today, change it.



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