I am an introvert. Yes, I am.


I know, it doesn't seem like it, but honestly it scares the hell out of me to put myself out into the world.


Sharing my thoughts and ideas with you online was a big step. 


The first three times, I hit the "PUBLISH"-button on my website, I was terrified. I was thinking to myself:


What if nobody will read this?

What if people think that this is dumb and meaningless?

What if people give a shit?

What if nobody gets what I'm even talking about?


All these thoughts were running through my head, but then...




And when I did it, my heart suddenly made a jump. It said: 'More, more, this is so much fun!' I felt like going down a rollercoaster. 


And this was the moment, I knew, I have to do this.


The introvert in me has to make some steps forward to keep up with my soul's journey.


Richard Singer JR. writes in his book "NOW":

'Fear is merely an illusion fabricated by our ego to stop us from truly manifesting our true purpose and meaning in life.' tweet it!


Do you wanna know why it will always be scary to go where your heart wants you to go?


Because you will walk at the edge. That's where life happens. That's where the magic waits for you - the new land, scary and exciting at the same time.


When I realized that I had to face my fears to grow stronger, I purposely started searching for them and I'll show you what I found out.


Here are 10 fears I'm going to overcome in 2014:


  1. writing an article in English, because for those of you who didn't know: I'm German. (and as you noticed, I already overcame this one a few weeks ago. Yeahhh!)
  2. thinking big (working on that)
  3. telling everybody about my dreams and my blog (getting better at that)
  4. talking in front of a big group / public speaking (so scary)
  5. getting older (well, I'm honest. It's not easy for me.)
  6. taking money for something I created (creation is in progress)
  7. showing love if I might not get it back 
  8. making a vlog (videoblog)
  9. talking about my fears (did it. yes.)
  10. telling people that I'm an author, because I am.


So this was my spiritual striptease.


What about you?

Is your shyness holding you back from achieving your dreams?

And what are you going to do about that?


I have an idea. Make a "Fears-I-wanna-overcome-in-2014-list" and sign it with your name to make the contract official. Pin it on your fridge as a reminder.


I promise you. It causes miracles.


Appreciating everyone of you, 


P.S.: Perfect timing. As I finish this article in the coffee shop, I hear Cindy Lauper singing 'I see your true colours shining through...'


Let them shine!


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