I mean, c'mon! 


Who wouldn't agree with me? Women are the best.


They are beautiful, radiant, caring and the creators of life itself.


And every time I see a woman who is hiding her face, because she doesn't even know how amazing she is, I get sad.


I think: "What a waste!" How can she not know...

  • ...that she is beautiful?
  • ...that she has something to say?
  • ...that she has so many talents to offer and so much knowledge to give?


I really wonder sometimes, if all that suffering, women had to endure through the last thousands of years all over the planet, is somehow encoded in our bodies and souls, saved in our DNA.


Could this be the reason why we are so afraid to show our greatness?


And if not, for love's sake, what is holding us back to shine our special light, our special gift into this world?


There is a big revolution going on right now.


In the next ten years women will change the way...

  • how we do business.
  • how we lead companies.
  • how we educate our children.
  • how we live a more beautiful and abundant life.


We reached the era of communication. With social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) it is so easy to put ourselves out there.


And let's be honest! Women are the masters of communication.


We just have to get over our habits of thinking too small about ourselves.


It's time to step up on stage and shine in fucking rainbow colours!


That's all I have to say this week. 


I wanna see you shine.


Enjoy to be a woman in whatever way you dare to.


Be intuitive. 

Shake your hips.

Wear that dress.

Follow your dream.

Get out there.

Find your voice.

Get on stage.

Stay focused.


You are truly amazing!


With much appreciation, 

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