5 reasons why yoga will turn you into a better entrepreneur


Every time I go to my yoga class I seem to reveal another secret of the universe.


In every class, there is another lesson waiting for me, not only physically, but also mentally.


These insights seem to just flow easily on my yoga mat.  And as I just started my blog 4 months ago, I am channeling so many helpful business tips while working on my cute little butt.


I wanna share these insights with you, because if you don’t do yoga, you are missing something.


Here are 5 reasons why yoga will turn you into a better entrepreneur (and get you in shape at the same time):

1. You are more likely to fall or to get off balance if everybody around you falls too.


I don’t know why, but it is true. If I am focusing on my warrior 3 as hard as I can and I see people tumbling down, I get worried too and guess what? I loose my balance.


So, if you are just about to start your own business for example and the people around you, like your family and friends, are worriors instead of warriors, you can easily loose your focus.


So do this: Hang out with as much inspiring and supporting people as possible. Get to know other entrepreneurs and people who are chasing their dreams.


2. Take nothing for granted. Not even your breath.


When I am thinking: “Now I’m a pro. I could sit in this pose forever. Look at the other amateurs shaking around!” You know what happens? You’re right. I am loosing it and land on my butt like everybody else.


So, if you are thinking that you are ahead of the game in comparison to all your competitors, and you think, you are done, then you are absolutely wrong! You need to develop yourself and your business constantly. There is no rest. And that’s beautiful. There is no end for divine development and there’ll never be.


3. Don’t concentrate on the peeps around you


Yes. Because if you are balancing in your standing split (which takes a lot of energy) and at the same time you are wondering what this amazing yoga-goddess beside you is doing, then you can imagine what happens next.


You are so shocked how easy it is for this person to hold the pose that you start doubting your strength and one second later…exactly… you fall.


You can of course get motivated by people who are already 10 steps ahead of you and you always learn a ton from them, but it can also have the opposite effect. You start doubting your own capabilities and get into a work-freeze.


Just focus on your work and dare to think highly of yourself, even if you’re just a beginner.


4. Have fun while working (it) out


Sometimes I enter the yoga room before the class begins and I am shouting out a "hello". I think it’s cool to make a connection with the people who are sweating beside me. But a lot of times nobody answers because everybody is already meditating or warming up sincerely. I think that’s totally fine, but I think yoga and meditation are not that serious. We still wanna have fun, right?


Like Danielle Laporte says: "The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel."


Make your work a fun time! And if you love your work then even the biggest challenges are so exciting and fun anyways. Yeah!


5. Take your time!


My yoga teacher was leading us through the sun salutations while I noticed that this tempo is just too fast for me. I was so stressed following the routine that I couldn’t even breathe anymore.


If you can’t breathe anymore and you notice that you hold your breath a lot, dare to slow down. Take your time! You won’t miss anything. Only your life, if you ignore it.


So for several reasons I highly recommend yoga classes or other workout techniques.


Go running, do some sit-ups or drive to work by bike! Give your brain a break and it will support you even better!


I hope you enjoyed this article. And if you did, you are free to share it with all your friends.


Much Love,


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