I always thought it is selfish to want things.


But it's actually not selfish at all.


It is natural to have desires.


If you don't desire you'll actually die.


You don't believe me? 


Well, new researches show, that if you destroy dopamine neurons of rats, which are responsible for the development of desires, the rats can still walk, chew, and swallow, but will starve to death even when food is right next to them. They have lost the desire to go get the food (read the article to that here).


How relieving it is to hear that. I can be spiritual and have desires at the same time. Yeahhh!


Isn't that great?


So that means you dont have to feel guilty for what you want, even if it is the craziest shit. Instead be thankful that you are still able to dream, to strive, to want....and even more to get what you want.


O.k. let this soak for a while.




Alright, before you get too excited here and start robbing a bank, you have to ask yourself though, why you want what you want.


That's the hard part, because you really have to be honest with yourself. Here are some examples:


Do you wanna get married, so that you'll finally make your parents happy, so you'll finally get appreciated by them?


Do you wanna be successful, so that you'll finally win the competition with your brother and you can finally prove to yourself and everybody else that you are worth something?


You get it. Right?


These desires will not help you to get to know yourself better or to express who you truly are. Even if they get fullfilled, these things will not make you happy for long.


Only if your desires are aligned with your inner self, they will help you to feel more at home on this little, cute planet. 


There is a wonderful women on this earth who actually helped me to come to this realization and you should definetly check that chick out!


It is Danielle Laporte and she has a wonderful blog. Just click on her name to come to her website!


So, what i want to share with you today are my desires for 2014. Here we go!



  1. I want to be joyful
  2. I want to create
  3. I want to travel
  4. I want to see new places, people, cultures
  5. I want to make women stronger
  6. I want to be seen
  7. I want to explore life (going to concerts, meeting people, listening to music, sitting in cafes, meeting artists)
  8. I want to teach
  9. I want to be in service
  10. I want to simplify mine and other people's lives
  11. I want to have time for myself
  12. I want to feel light
  13. I want to feel flexible
  14. I want to feel fully alive
  15. I want to be sexy, femine and feel like a goddess
  16. I want to be present
  17. I want to be charismatic
  18. I want to touch people's heart
  19. I want to be healthy
  20. I want to have space
  21. I want to be in love all the time (with my job, with my partner, with me, with life)
  22. I want to have a lot of cool friends
  23. I want to have money to be able to do all the things I love
  24. I want to feel free
  25. I want to feel connected
  26. I want a Mac Book Pro 
  27. I want an IPhone
  28. I want to be positive
  29. I want to have fun
  30. I want to laugh more
  31. I want to love more
  32. I want to move
  33. I want to be radiant
  34. I want to express myself


Why is it so important to know what you want?


It is so simple, Sweetheart.


FIRST: If you allow yourself to want what you want, you start vibrating on a different frequency and you will take action.


SECOND: If people know what you want, they wanna help you to achieve it. That's just the nature of humans. Everybody wants to be in service.


So get clear on what you want and how you wanna feel!


And then spread the word!


I wish you a beautiful day!


And if you want to spread these words you should just go for it! 



I am excited to hear what you want. Leave a comment! Only if you want...

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