4 ways how to make the present moment your friend


Especially once a month I get mad about little things.


Like for example, somebody ate the last piece of my favourite chocolate, which I would be needing right NOW. Something like that.


In that case, I think of Eckhart Tolle, one of the best authors I know, who says:


"In order to be happy, always look on your relationship with the present moment. Make the present moment your friend."


Sorry, but how can I make the present moment my friend, when I wake up with a headache, with monthly pains and there is no chocolate left?


Damn right. That's fucking hard.


O.k. I get it. I get it. What he means with all that is:




And if I worry about it, or get mad about it, I make it even worse, right?


And I can tell you, I don't wanna be mad anymore about anything or anybody. It just sucks out too much energy. And I definetely need this for other things. Let me make that clear:  




So here ist my challenge of the week:


Whenever i think the present moment is SCHEISSE, I tell myself...




...beginning RIGHT NOW!


I mean, it makes sense:


Why should I be miserable about anything, if being miserable makes it double as bad?


I know, that sounds almost tooooo easy.... until the next challenge hits you in the face.


So let's try it out, together! You wanna join me on this mission?


If yes, then I give you a little bit of help first. 


Here are 4 ways how to make the present moment your friend:

1. No matter what: DON'T WORRY!


There are two ways to react to a situation. Accept it or don't accept it.


In both ways, you don't have to worry. Because either you can change the situation, therefor you don't have to worry. Or you can't change anything, then why would you worry? This would be insane.


This of course works with every situation.


2. Make the problem your friend


Here is a great example:


I am actually sitting in traffic. Fine. 


Finally, I have time to focus on my breathing,


to call a friend, 


look whats going on around me,


having time to flirt with the guy beside me...


This problem is actually kind of cool. (Hihi, that's the best part).


3. Don't think too much


I know, I have to confess that I always loose with this one. So let's say:


I am miserable, because I am thinking that I won't be able to pay my rent next week, and if I can't pay my rent, I probably have to leave the flat, and if I have to leave the flat, then.....


And the thought goes on and on and on and you are in the spiral of negative thoughts.


But what is your problem right NOW?


Uhmm, as I said... I won't be able to pay my bills next week.


No, I meant NOW.


Uhhm, I'm worrying about it, because...


No, what is your problem NOW, in this moment?


Uhmm, I don't really have a problem right now, but next week...


Got it? Stay in the presence. Yeahhhh, BABY, that's it!

4. Focus on the solution


What can I do to actually help the situation, so that I feel better right now?


I could drink a glass of water to help my headache.

I could go to the mall to get some more chocolate.

I could make a warming bottle to help the pain.

I could meet a friend to not feel so lonely anymore.


Get creative here. That's what you were born for. 


To get creative and find some solutions.

STOP Complaining!

FIND Solutions!


WOW! I can't believe you are still here. And I can't believe that I wrote all this in my second language. If that's not creative, I don't know.


Thanks for Reading.




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