The  Reset-Your-Life Coaching



Work 1:1 with me to create a life that feels 100% natural to you and start making money doing what you love.


I work with open-minded, passionate and warm people who are committed to change themselves and to take action to live a more abundant and joyful life. 



The time has come for You to be unapologetically YOURSELF.


Deep down you know, that life is supposed to be meaningful and enjoyable. 


But after doing all your daily chores, you have no energy left to work on what's really fun to you.


You know that you can’t sustain your current lifestyle for much longer because it feels so tiring and unnatural to you.


But at the same time you have no idea how to get out of the hamster wheel. 


You’ve been focussing so much on other people and their needs. 


But what you really need right now is to come back to yourself and to get clear on what you want your life to look like. 


This can be so hard without the support of somebody that understands you, your pain and your challenges. 


That’s where I come in...



What happens when you work with me?



Working with a Life Coach is in investment in yourself and in your future.


The moment you say yes to working with me, you show your commitment to change your life. 


The Universe has its own way to respond to this. It will activate all its power to help you on your path and you will find magical “coincidences” happening throughout the entire coaching and beyond our time together.


As a team, we will find out what you really want and where you want to go. And together we will figure out how to achieve these heart-felt desires - not in a future moment, but now. 


When two souls come together to work on a goal that the Universe supports, your dreams manifest much faster.

YOUR life becomes OUR project.


My coaching style is unique because I don’t teach from a place of intellect, but from my own experience. I intuitively feel what exercises (visualisations, writing practices, meditations, breathing exercises) are appropriate to help you reach your dreams and overcome your fears. 


As your coach, I bring my full skill-set to the table. 


Intuitive Coaching, Energy Medicine that helps you to heal yourself, 10 years of experience in following my own inner joy.


My coaching program won’t feel like another thing on your to-do-list. It’s easy and fun and my clients tell me that they miss the weekly exercises and Skype calls after the program is done. 


By the end of our journey, you will be transformed.


More alive, more courageous, more at ease with who you are. 


You’ll feel more love for yourself, clear about what you want to create and finally enthusiastic about your life again.


Curious to know more?

Here’s how you can get started:

Schedule a free Clarity Call with me on Skype. You can do that right here or press the button below.



Here’s what my clients say about working with me:


I was so unhappy before I started working with Paula. I was discontent with my job situation, my body and my life in general. During our time together I found the courage to quit my job and started doing things again that were fun for me like dancing and doing sports. I’m more mindful now, my diet is more balanced and I’m able to set better boundaries. Through the whole process, Paula gave me strength, courage and helped me see things from a different perspective. -K.K.


Right from the beginning I felt a deep connection to Paula. I was so impressed by her courage to go her own way and through reading her posts and stories I knew I wanted to start a Coaching with her. Before we began working together, I felt lost and discontent with my life. Now, I’m more connected to myself. I’m more aware of what I need and what’s lacking in my life and I finally feel my connection to the Universe again. What you’re doing is incredibly amazing and inspiring! Thank you Paula! - K. B.


It felt so good to get in touch again with myself and my own creativity. With Paula’s help I’m going more consciously through life and I am able to focus more on my own inner needs. What I really liked about the Coaching was, that I was able to contact Paula anytime I felt the need to talk to her. Thank you so much! You’re very inspiring! - Tuelin Akyurek



The 1:1 Reset-Your-LIfe Coaching includes:

(The Reset-Your-Life Coaching is a 3-month Coaching experience)


+ 6 x Coaching Sessions

(We'll meet every two weeks for a 75 min. Skype Call with video on)

These sessions are a sacred time to come together and review your progress and become more aware of who you are: your essence, your dreams, your limiting beliefs, your fears, your talents etc. I will give you tools how to become more conscious and gain more clarity in your life. This could be through a guided meditation, a writing exercise, questions that connect you with your higher self or simply by talking about a topic that has been bothering you a lot.



+ Email support (You'll get access to my private email so you can ask me questions, share updates, celebrate milestones and get help in tricky situations)

This full-on support is a priceless way to stay focussed on your goals and discuss important events or challenges in real time. I will get back to your messages in less than 48 hours.


+ Coaching Program (Get an email in your inbox at the beginning of each week with a specific topic plus easy and fun exercises to enhance your creativity and gain more clarity about your journey)

These exercises will boost your awareness about who you are, what you want to create and will give you insights about what is hindering you to step into your purpose.



What is the investment?


Working with a life coach can change the course of your life. 


Starting the Coaching  Journey, you commit to working with me for 3 months (6 sessions). 


This journey is very powerful and will transform your life from the inside out. It's not a quick fix. Therefor I don't offer one-off coaching sessions.

It takes time and commitment to create long-lasting results and to build up a new mindset and new habits that support you.


Coaching with me is $430 USD per month


Payment due monthly in advance (3 payments of $430)

OR : Receive a 10% discount by paying in full prior to session one ($1,161 instead of $1,290)



Ready to reset your life?


Here are your next steps:


Step 1: Fill out the form below and and answer the following questions in the "Message" field:

  • What are you hoping to explore and achieve through Life Coaching? 
  • What are you currently struggling with?

I will get back to you in less than 72 hours.

 Step 2: Schedule a free Clarity Call with me on Skype. You can do that right here. 


Additionally I'm also offering one-off Coaching sessions starting December 1st 2018


All sessions happen online via FaceTime or Skype


Sessions are 60 minutes


You can buy a one-off sessions or a package of 4


60 minutes are $95

4x60 min. sessions are $340 (highly recommended if you want to see results fast)


This is for You if you can't commit to a 3 month Coaching with me, but still want to start changing your life. 


NOTE: The single-off sessions don't include free email consultation and you don't get any written material. If you're looking for a full support Coaching with me, read the information to the Reset-Your-LIfe Coaching on top of this page)


Before the first session, please answer the following questions in the form below. I will get back to you asap and we can schedule an appointment. 



  • What are you hoping to explore and achieve through Life Coaching? 
  • What are you currently struggling with?
  • What Coaching are you interested in? The 3-month Reset-Your-Life Coaching or a single session?

I will get back to you in less than 72 hours.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Please note: 

Working with me requires a sincere commitment to your own growth and a strong willingness to take action outside of our sessions. I cannot change your life for you. As your coach, I am here to support you in seeing what's possible and mapping out the way there. You will get out of the experience what you put in.

Weekly sermons about

Creativity, Being REAL &

Connecting to your 

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