Workshops for spring 2018 



 To live from the heart in a fear-based world is a very brave decision. It requires a deep sense of self-respect for ourselves and our environment. More and more people are waking up to this new way of living - where choices are made from a place of love rather than fear. 


If you want to be a part of this awakening of the heart come join us for the Self-Love retreat with Authenticity Coach Paula Hartmann. 


In this 5-hour-workshop we will find out:


  • How you can change the world by being yourself
  • How to transform your flaws into your biggest advantage points
  • How to use your natural gifts more confidently
  • How to own your space and set boundaries and
  • How to become a magnet for love and abundance


Practicing Self-Love will bring more depth to your relationships and a completely new level of awareness into your work environment. It will connect you to your heart’s desire and make you available to receive all the love and abundance that is surrounding you more freely. But the best part of it is, that you will gain a new respect for the magnificent being that you are. 


It’s gonna be a heart-warming event with other like-minded people. 


Come join us and heal your life from the inside out.


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When:     Saturday, April 14th 2018, 11 - 4 pm

Cost:       $149.00 (Tax included. Only 5% paypal fee.) 



Love, Intuition & Purpose ...three powerful words and three daring workshops that will give you strength this year. 

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We are all born with a natural ability to "sense" right from wrong. Before we started to live mostly in "our minds", we used to depend on our bodies and our senses to work our way through the world.  By loving yourself, you learn how to have faith in your inner voice. Your "gut" feeling is never wrong and following it is very rewarding.  Come heal your gut, listen to what its saying and learn the language of intuition - without fear!


When:     Saturday, May 19th 2018, 11 - 4 pm

Cost:       $149.00 (Tax included. Only 5% paypal fee.) 





Now that you know how to use your intuition, do you ever get the feeling that you weren't put on the planet to just buy a new car every few years? :)

You were created for a very special purpose. Once you've built a practice to love yourself, this will become very clear. You are worthy and meant to do great things for yourself and for others.  In this 5 hour workshop, come sit under the trees at Khel for a refreshing look at your life.  We will walk you through your strengths and weaknesses and give you the tools to head towards your true calling.  Being on the other side is like hitting the lottery. And we promise - If you take the first step,  the universe will do the rest. 


When:     Saturday, June 16th 2018, 11 - 4 pm

Cost:       $149.00 (Tax included. Only 5% paypal fee.) 


Hi there! My name is Paula Hartmann. I'm a writer, Authenticity Coach and founder of 


The biggest struggle in my life has been to be unapologetically myself. As a kid I loved reading, writing, telling stories and dancing, but at some point in my early adulthood, I completely lost myself. After school, I started studying business - something I’ve never wanted to do, but did to fit in, to please my parents and also because I was afraid to miss out on making the big bucks. 


It took me 23 years to discover that the most important thing in life is to be myself and to have the courage to follow my own path. My driving force in life is to share my personal story - my fears, my struggles and my homecoming to inspire others to live a life according to their deepest ideals and motivations.





No refunds or credits are given with cancellation upto 48 hours prior to workshop. If you cancel 7 days prior, a deposit of $50 will be retained. If you cancel 14- 30 days before workshop your money will be refunded. 

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